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With translators all around the globe, we manage projects in any language combination. The source and target languages fields on the Order page will provide you with a complete list.

Once you place an order through Ease, your documents are picked up by one of our project managers to start the translation process (Order status: In progress). When the translated documents are ready (Order status: Finished), they are made available for download on the Projects page.

While creating your order you can upload and delete documents as you please, however once the order has been placed you cannot modify the source documents.

To contact us about a particular translation project:

  1. Select Projects from the main menu.
    Menu Bar
    This loads the full project list.
  2. Select the Information icon () from the right hand side of a project entry.

    Information Icon Example

    This expands the order details.

  3. Select Contact us.

    Project Details
    This opens a contact form.

  4. Type the subject of your message.

  5. Type your message.
  6. Select Send.

    This sends your message to your Lingo24 dedicated Account Manager.


A quote can be approved by any user who has the Approve order role assigned to them.

We can support numerous types of files, the most common being doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, rtf, html/xhtml, idml, xlf/xliff, xml. Other supported formats include: asp/aspx, dita, fxg, ini, json, mif, odp, ods, odt, php, po/pot, properties, resx, sdf, sdlxliff, svg, sxw, tpl, ttx, txml, txt, vdx/vsdx, yml/yaml. Our File Engineering team can provide additional support for more complex file types. Find out more here. To find a list of all supported file formats:

  1. Select Order from the main menu.

  2. Select Supported file formats.


    This opens a searchable list.

A Lingo24 quote is valid for two weeks from the date on which the quotation was made.

To make things easy, you can add batches of files for translation. This helps with keeping translation consistency between files, and in case of repetitions it might lower the overall cost of your project.

We provide several levels of translation quality, alongside related services like DTP, file engineering and translation memory management. For a complete list of services, visit http://www.lingo24.com/translation/.

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