Registered users can create new orders, save quotes and amend existing quotes from the Order screen. You can create and save quotes if you would like to approve them later, or if you don’t have the “Approve order” role assigned to your account.

Part 1: Add files and languages

  1. Access the Order page from the main menu.


  2. Add files by dragging and dropping them onto the page, or select Click to add your files to view your browser's file dialogue. If enabled for your account you can also provide additional information for File Engineering and Desktop Publishing services.
  3. Select the source language of your file(s). If you have a default option set for source language on your account then it will be added by default.


  4. Select the target language(s) which you want your files translated into. If you have a default option set for target languages on your account then they will be added by default.
  5. Here you can also select Order Templates, or select the + icon to create new ones.

Part 2: Choose your service level

  1. Select the service level that best suits your target audience. Details for all services can be found on our website. If you have a default option set for service level on your account then it will be added by default, or if a Order Template was created it will be set.

  2. Select Add to order to send the files for analysis and get a quote. You can continue to add additional items, language combinations and services to the order.

Part 3: Finalize your order

  1. Once your files have been analysed you will be displayed a quote for the file, which includes metrics discounts (repetitions and translation memories). If there are any additional services required (e.g. File Engineering) or minimum charges these will also be displayed. If we have been unable to analyse your files straight away (e.g. you asked for File Engineering) then we will allow you to save the quote and will let you know once the full quote is ready.

    You can download a copy of the full quote using the Download Quote button.


  2. You can add additional order details, such as a custom order name, PO (Purchase Order) number and additional instructions for your order: using the free text field, or by uploading additional auxilliary files. Auxilliary files will not be translated, but will be provided to translators as reference material, e.g. glossaries or style guides.If you would like to customize your order, type a custom order name.
  3. We will provide an estimated delivery date, but you can change this to any date after the estimate. If you require a shorter turn around time please contact your Account Manager to discuss possible options.
  4. The Billing Address details will be populated with the details saved on your account, you can change this for the project by clicking the edit icon.
  5. The default invoice email address for your account will be selected (if set) and can be changed by clicking on the field and selecting an address. New addresses can be added using the + icon
  6. If more people need to know about a project, you can add them to the Users to notify list. Whenever changes take place in the project, they will be alerted by email.
  7. We also require a Subject matter for the source content so that we can best assign translators to work on your project.
  8. You can select Save quote to return to the order later, or if you have the appropriate role on your account select Place your order to approve the quote.

    Once your quote has been saved or submitted, you can view the details on the Projects screen. You will also receive an email notification.

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