Order Templates

Order Templates allow you to save a pre-defined set of options for creating orders. This allows you to setup commonly used language combinations and service levels to make ordering easier. You can add names to the Order Templates to make them easily recognisable - for example you may have a template called "Website Content", which translates from English to French, German and Spanish with On-brand translation, and another called "Internal", which translates just English to French with First Draft.

Managing Order Templates

  1. You can view and manage Order Templates from the Account menu, selecting the Order Templates option.

  2. Click the Create new order template button to add a new template to your account. New templates can also be created directly from the Order Page, using the plus icon next to the templates dropdown.

  3. Existing Order Templates are listed in a table, you can view the details and edit or delete using the buttons on the right hand side.

Using an Order Template

  1. On the Order Page, select the template you would like to use from the dropdown. Once selected the source language, target language(s) and service level fields will be updated to the values stored in the template. Once a template has been selected the options can still be changed, and new target languages added without affecting the template's settings.

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