Invoice Addresses

Your invoice address may be the same as the billing address, or a different one, where your company uses a separate invoice processing centre. You can add up to six different invoice addresses to Ease, allowing you to manage where invoices are sent when you create an order.

Note: the Billing Address stored on your account represents the legal business entity or business establishment and is used for VAT calculations.

Manage invoice addresses

To manage the invoice addresses available on your account select Account > Billing Details from the Ease menu.

Billing Details menu item.

The invoice addresses saved for your account are shown on the right hand side of the screen. Use the "Add a new invoice address" link to save a new address to your account.

Billing details screen.

For each invoice address you can add a contact email, contact name and postal address. The address which is selected as the default will be automatically selected for new projects.

Add a new address example.

Click Save to add the address to your account. Addresses which have been added can be edited or deleted using the available links (note that the default address cannot be removed from your account).

Saved address example.

Using an invoice address

When creating an order you must select an invoice address. Ease will use your default address automatically, but you can also select a different one manually. To do so, click on the Invoice address field to select an email address from the list.

Select address example.

If you would like to add a new invoice address, use the plus icon (+) to enter the details. New addresses will be saved to your account for future use and can be managed from the Billing details screen using the steps detailed above.

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