File Engineering

Some file formats cannot be automatically processed by our CAT tools and they will require File Engineering tasks to prepare the files for translation. When such files are uploaded, they are highlighted with the File Engineering icon () in the Add to your order section.


Please note that we cannot provide you with an instant quote in such cases, as the file engineers have to work their magic before our CAT tools can analyze the files, and you can only request a quote.

If an item has not been automatically flagged for File Engineering, but you have some special requirements (e.g. only part of the file needs translated), you can click on the  icon to provide additional instructions. You can apply the same instructions to multiple files, and also upload any auxilliary files to provide more information (auxilliary files are not included for translation).

File Engineering Instructions

If an automated File Filter is configured for your files you will notice the Automated File Filtering icon () in the Add to your order section.

If you hover over the information icon () you will get additional information about the file you uploaded.

Click Add to order () button, you will be prompted with a blue information message.

Scroll down and click Request Quote ()

Having an automated filter in place will drastically reduce the time needed to receive a quote from Lingo24.



If you would like to know more about File Engineering you can visit the service page on the Lingo24 website.

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