Desktop Publishing

Documents translated into different languages can have text expansion (where a higher number of words or characters are used) or text contraction (where a lower number of words or characters are used).

For documents where the layout is important (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or documents that have been created using Desktop Publishing software such as Adobe InDesign), the target files can be reviewed and the layouts updated to ensure that all content is correctly displayed on pages and within text boxes and images. 

If you would like Adobe InDesign (.idml) or Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files returned fully formatted you can use our typesetting services. These are our Desktop Publishing Service (for Adobe InDesign files) or our Format as Source Service (for Microsoft PowerPoint files).

To Order a Project with Desktop Publishing 

Adobe InDesign files

To order translation and typesetting for you Adobe InDesign documents you will need the: 

  • Adobe InDesign Markup Language (.idml) file. 
  • The full InDesign zip file including all images and any custom fonts used.

Upload the .idml file and click the orange pencil () .

You will be prompted to to add instructions and upload the Auxiliary files: InDesign .zip (including for example; indd / indt, pdf, fonts and links (images)) file for our Desktop Publishing team to use when formatting your translated documents.


PowerPoint files

To order translation and typesetting for your Microsoft PowerPoint files, simply upload these for translation and they will also be highlighted in orange with a pencil icon. Select the pencil icon to add your typesetting instructions and upload a PDF version of the file for the Linguists reference if you have this available.

From the list of files:

1. Select the Edit file instructions ‘pencil’ icon.

This opens the files instructions panel.

2. Complete the instructions field with the content or styles that must not be translated. 

3. Select the checkboxes to apply the same instructions to other files.

4. Upload your Auxiliary files.

5. Select Save.

6. If a confirmation message is displayed select Close.

The ‘pencil’ icon in the files list will remain highlighted. You can review or edit these instructions by selecting the ‘pencil’ icon for these files.

When you add these files to your order they will appear highlighted and you will have the option to Request a Quote. This will send your Order to our Desktop Publishing Team for assessment. Once we have assessed your Desktop Publishing requirements we will send you a link to the updated quote and delivery deadline for you to Approve. 

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